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Meet our Team!

Bleuzette La Feir (Bleu)

LUNA Morning DJ - 7am to 12n

Bleuzette La Feir, known as “Bleu” on LUNA, asked for a large black and silver cassette tape recorder, with plug-in microphone, for her eighth birthday. The only way to record songs back in 1976 was to hold the heavy plastic device up to the radio and simultaneously press the play and record buttons. Just a little girl in her room, she dreamt of being a DJ so she recorded her voice in between the songs and danced with the upbeat music of the era. Almost forty years later… with a little Taos magic and a dash of serendipity, she’s landed a job with KLNN and is now living her long-time dream as a DJ for LUNA 96.7


Katie Speirs


A long time ago – in a trailer far far away (just up the street on Blueberry Hill), Katie started her production career at KTAOS, then moved into the KTAOS Solar Center where she actually used to bartend out of buckets in the Community’s Backyard - before the Station Bar was around.  Her swift editing and creative writing skills have earned her more than a dozen awards from the NMBA for best :30, :60, PSA, and promotional announcement.  And now she actually gets paid to listen to music and decide, with the honorable PD Paddy Mac, about the sound of the station – musically that is, as the Music Director.  What a long strange trip it’s been….and here’s to many more KTAOS adventures!

PADDYPaddy Mac

Production Director/KTAOS Morning DJ

A recovering sportscaster, rescued from Las Cruces & El Paso where he transitioned from plastic hair and power ties to his current state of dishevelment. Now he mans the mic for the KTAOS morning show and programs the music for KTAOS and Luna 103.7.  A practicing non-practitioner, he's rarely involved in anything that requires... practice. He dotes incessantly on his dog JaBooty, flails at golf balls and weeps openly many Sundays after the latest Cleveland Browns' embarrassment. His favorite color is Feldgrau, his favorite food is whatever's on YOUR plate and his favorite movie has yet to be filmed.